Champions of Norrath Review

RPGDot has posted a review of Champions of Norrath, giving the EverQuest-inspired action RPG an overall score of 90%. Their conclusion:
Do NOT buy this game if you are expecting it to be the offline equivalent of EQ. Instead, buy this game because it is a highly enjoyable multiplayer hackfest. Ohhhh, yes, the multiplayer... Champions supports up to four players, and it is this fact that sets it apart from its predecessors and more than makes up for its minor flaws. The difficulty scales up appropriately, and the amount of loot the game doles out keeps the party in enough upgrades to make things interesting without giving you everything you could want. Every class has an active role in combat, and cooperation is key; you can't set out in four directions at once, and failure to follow some kind of party strategy is sure to get someone's character killed. You can't adjust the camera in 3 and 4 player modes, but after about ten minutes of playing you won't even notice. The sole drawback is that with only two people allowed to shop at once, town trips take longer than they should.

If you liked the Dark Alliance games, or if you're just itching for something new to hack your way through, pick up Champions of Norrath. Grab a few friends and hit the trails, or dungeon delve by yourself, either way it'll fill more than a few afternoons with all the experience and loot you can eat. Just a word of advice: when the barbarian starts roleplaying his intelligence score, don't let him near the driver's seat.