Wish E3 Preview

Warcry has tossed up a preview of Wish, based upon what they saw of Mutable Realms' ambitious MMORPG at this year's E3. Check it out:
No MMO preview would be complete, however, without a look at crafting. In Ganedan, schematics determine the items a player can craft. Each item is comprised of raw materials, and those materials determine the proporties of the item (e.g. A soft wooden item will be less durable than a hard wooden item). In order to gather materials, the player must either directly harvest them from the environment (via picks, axes and other tools), or they must cut the materials from creatures and monsters found in the wild. When harvesting from creatures, a player's resultant gathered materials will be determined in large part by their various gathering skills. If a 'hide' cannot be harvested, perhaps the tongue or chiton can using different skills. This is all handled transparently, and with the large variety of materials and items demonstrated to us by Blue we can look forward to the potential for specialized economies and a vast array of crafted items.