The Temple of Elemental Evil Second Patch Fixes

Once again, Atari's Slim has stopped by the official ToEE forums, this time listing all the fixes that the upcoming v2.0 patch will address. A full rip of his post to follow:
Thank you again, all, for your patience. The patch is moving forward swiftly, and I will have further information about a release date later on this week.

Here is a list of fixes:


Temple of Elemental Evil Patch 2.0 Fix Notes

Fleeing enemies could sometimes cause a crash, this has been fixed.

Infinite loop bug involving complex pending events fixed.

One-handed weapons wielded two-handed calculate strength bonus properly (1.5x unless light).

Enhancement bonuses of projectiles no longer apply to melee attacks.

Criticals often did not confirm if you rolled equal to target's AC, this has been fixed.

Bracers no longer stack in their slot.

Jaer's Spheres of Fire can no longer be used as melee weapons.

Dust of Disappearance value corrected.

Masterwork Guisarme type and size corrected, it is no longer a 1-handed axe.

Wonnilon's Repeating Crossbow and Masterwork Light Crossbow sizes corrected, both are now useable by small races.

Amulet of Mighty Fists adds to attack and damage now.

Being unable to remove shields in combat has been fixed.

Cat's Grace is no longer a Strength Domain level 2 spell.

Syntax errors in Hedrack's dialog have been fixed.

Valden now awards masterwork shields for rescuing his wife.

More information regarding the woodcutters dialog is revealed.

The courier from Lord Wizard Sargen will now talk with party members.

Romag's 3rd quest no longer allows acknowledgement of killing Belsornig if you had not in fact killed him.

Random number generator significantly improved.

Bardic music is now a standard action.

Bardic music now provokes attacks of opportunity.

Tooltip text, missing during character creation for Abilities and Deity, now displays.

Bardic Knowledge help page has correct title.

Help entry for Grummsh now properly linked to Strength Domain.

Help entry for Chain Lightning grammar corrected.