New Frontiers Open Beta Preparation

Sanya stopped by the Camelot Herald to report about some server downtime tomorrow in preparation of the New Frontiers open beta. Here's her full post:
We need to do a little upgrading to some of the servers in preparation for New Frontiers open beta - and for the eventual launch of New Frontiers. Basically, what will happen is not unlike you unplugging your computer and adding a stick of RAM. It's a little more complex than THAT, obviously, but that's the gist of what we're doing. Here's the schedule, for tomorrow (Tuesday, May 4th):

8:00 AM EDT:

We are taking down the first group: Galahad, Mordred, Palomides, Bors, and Pellinor.

Approximately 11:00 AM EDT:

The first group will come back up, and the second group will come down: Iseult, Bedevere, Morgan Le Fay, Gawaine.

Approximately 2:00 PM EDT:

The second group returns, and the third will have their nap: Nimue, Kay, Tristan, Igraine.

Approximately 5:00 PM EDT:

The third group will return, and no servers will go down.

You'll note that Pendragon, Lancelot, Percival, Merlin, Guinevere, and Gaheris will not be coming down at all (although Pendragon might - just not for maintenance). That's because those six server clusters are already on fast, newer machines with more memory. The others are being upgraded to meet those standards.

Finally, please understand that the schedule is approximate. If we finish with one group early, we'll take the next group down early, and so on.

We thank you in advance for hanging in there as we make our hardware mightier.