Beyond Divinity: Interview With A Death Knight

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Britsoft publisher Digital Jesters and Belgium developer Larian Studios release a video exclusive for all RPG fans and followers of the Divinity Universe. The six-minute video, 'Beyond Divinity', filmed a couple of months ago at a press launch, at the exclusive SoHo House in the heart of London's West End is an in-depth interview with Larian Studios' project leader Swen Vincke.

Vincke talks about the secrets, traps, monsters, battlefields and extensive character development possibilities in the sequel to the award winning and internationally acclaimed RPG hit Divine Divinity, which was released in 2002. Beyond Divinity, which is due for imminent release takes players on a fantastic quest in a land torn apart by corruption and dark magic, and is destined to absorb and thrill gamers with its unparalleled depth of adventure and advanced combat systems.

This exclusive interview video, which is being released to you, can be downloaded from the links below.
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Beyond Divinity will be available in the UK for PC CD-ROM on April 30th 2003. Priced £29.99 it will be published throughout the UK by Digital Jesters. Larian Studios has secured individual publishing rights with a number of top publishers across Europe, whilst North American publisher Hip GamesTM will handle the US. A Macintosh version will follow later.

Beyond Divinity Features:

- A deep and detailed storyline filled with plot twists and lots of sub-quests

- A complete and very accessible RPG set in a highly interactive world

- New style of gameplay featuring the unique summoning dolls and total party control

- Endless replay value through the Battlefields: A demon infested landscape with generated quests

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Note to editors: Founded in Sept 2003, Digital Jesters is a new publisher with a fresh attitude. Signing only quality titles, Digital Jesters portfolio consists of TrackMania, Virtual Skipper 3, Savage, Pro Rugby Manager, Desert Rats vs Afrika Korps, Beyond Divinity and Chaos League. The team has over 30 years experience, and prior to this were responsible for setting up CDV Software's UK division, generating over £2.5 million in the first 12 months, and breaking in new brands such as Cossacks, Sudden Strike, and Divine Divinity.

About Larian Studios: Larian Studios is the largest games developer from Belgium and a winner of the European Seal of Excellence from the European Multimedia Association. Their portfolio includes Beyond Divinity, the multiple award winning RPG Divine Divinity, LED Wars and an as of yet unannounced project. Larian Studios are also developers of bespoke entertainment products for multi-national blue chip companies.