Champions of Norrath Review

The Curmudgeon Gamer has tossed up a review of Champions of Norrath, and although there is no overall score, they have a negative tone overall. Take a look:
And, finally, Champions of Norrath is a needlessly licensed game. What the Sam Hill does Everquest or Norrath have to do with the game these guys wanted to make? Nothing! From my point of view, the Everquest license brings no original or interesting angles to this game, and it would have been just as poorly made and conceived without that license.

In summary, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, the game industry suffers from the following devastating flaws:

- Inability to design new gameplay, instead recycling old gameplay taken to silly extremes
- Obsession on graphics over gameplay and innovation
- Increasingly buggy games, despite no means of patching
- Insultingly poor narratives
- Exploitation of licenses without added value

Champions of Norrath demonstrates each of these flaws, and does so in a way that should be a wake-up call to each and every gamer, regardless of platform. I ask you: Is this worth your hard-earned money?