Wish Interview

Stratics has conducted an interview with Mutable Realms' Mark Laukien, asking the company president several questions about their upcoming MMORPG, Wish. An excerpt to follow:
Q: How exactly will the server architecture work in Wish? Do you want to have only one server with all players on it or do you plan to have more worlds (servers), depending on how many players are interested in Wish? With latency being a major problem in today's MMOGs this might prove to be a difficult issue to resolve.

A: We plan to have only one server. Having said this, no technology has infinite scalability. If Wish becomes so successful that we have many more subscribers than initially expected, we will first try to stretch the scalability of our server technology. If we reach a hard limit, then another server is the only option.

As for latency, the server architecture of Wish is very good with dealing with latency. For example, we had beta testers from Australia, using our east coast server, and they didn't report any latency problems.

The lag that some beta testers experienced in Beta 1 was mostly client-side lag, i.e., if there are too many players or creatures having a huge battle at the same spot. We have already improved this, and will continue to reduce such lag.