Icewind Dale: Ultimate Collection Review

Gaming Age has dished up a very positive review of Black Isle's Icewind Dale: Ultimate Collection, which features the original title, its sequel, and expansions. Overall, they gave the compilation an "A-" and had this to say in their conclusion:
Wherever the roots to Black Isle role playing games lie (I'd argue the SSI games of the 80s), these games had far too short of a life span. We'll be seeing GTA and Halo clones for years, but there are only a handful of games based on this model. The formula for RPGs like these has been pushed aside in favor of real time strategy and persistent-world online games. Icewind Dale: The Ultimate Collection is a huge installment of one of the most addicting and satisfying games ever made. If you've never tried them, you're missing out on one of the best chapters of PC gaming's history.