New Wars and Warriors: Joan of Arc Demo

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New Wars and Warriors: Joan of Arc Demo Features Massive Battles

Entire In-Game Scenario Released Online Today

PARKVILLE, Md. (March 2, 2004) Enlight, a leading entertainment software developer and publisher, announced today that GameSpy will release a new demo for Wars and Warriors: Joan of Arc on their download site Fileplanet. Taken from one of the largest and most exciting scenarios, the demo will showcase the RTS gameplay found in Trevor Chan's Wars and Warriors: Joan of Arc. Outnumbered and inadequately equipped, players must free the French countryside of all mercenary presence in one of the most grueling, massive battles in the entire game.

Online gaming site Warcry noted the dynamic the RTS elements added to Wars and Warriors: Joan of Arc and said, the ".ability to command the battle from above and then take part in it directly is a wonderful concept I've never seen before. Joan of Arc allows for some really interesting gameplay in this regard." Allowing for 60 minutes of play, castles must be conquered, enemy camps overtaken and townspeople liberated while Joan of Arc and the French forces escort King Charles VII to his coronation.

"We have received great remarks from fans and critics on the RTS elements and wanted to give everyone an opportunity to experience some of the finest strategic moments in the game," said Trevor Chan, chief executive officer of Enlight. "This demo offers players an entire scenario and best represents the RTS/action blend in Joan of Arc."

With hundreds of forces to command, siege machines to build and the most imperative duty at hand, strategic masterminds across the world will be shockingly challenged in this three way melee between the Burgundian forces, mercenaries and France.