Lionheart Review

The Entertainment Depot has posted a fairly negative review of Lionheart, giving the RPG an overall score of 4.5/10. The conclusion:
In light of the failures of the wholly misused and horrendously implemented character development system and the combat that drives much of the game itself, there is in fact little reason to even bother with Lionheart, apart from its interesting plot. It's a textbook exercise in bad game design, as nearly every strength Lionheart may have initially possessed has been ground into oblivion by the endless frustrations that plague the entire experience. Only the sound and graphics bear any kind of standard of quality here; sadly, eye and ear candy are not nearly enough to carry one through hours and hours of action-RPG gameplay. In the end, Lionheart is such an addled mess that even the bargain bin won't likely be a good enough fate for it, where even value-minded gamers should avoid it like the plague.or the Inquisition.