Neverwinter Wednesday

BioWare's official Neverwinter Nights website has been updated with the following:
Multiplayer Survey - Free Giveaways!
We want to know what you think about the games you play! And for taking a few minutes to complete this survey, your email address will be entered to win either one of five free copies of Shadows of Undrentide, or copies of the four exclusive game posters that were available only at the Electronic Expo in L.A.!

Female Frost Giant
The hands-down squirrel-screechingly, craziest cousin of the giant family, Frost Giants are wildly unpredictable and fantastically dangerous. Somewhat weaker than their fiery cousins they still have the ability to squash cow-sized objects into special sauce if provoked. Rest assured that provoking them into a rage is about as hard as not finding an anvil that floats.

Female Fire Giant
I would expect that if you forgot an anniversary with this woman you would be in for far more than a few days of simmering silence followed by years of guilt. The Female Fire Giant would set your favorite building on fire and eat your car. Fire Giants are far more civil than their frosty cousins and yet are far more calculated and malicious in a behavior very similar to second graders.

Shadows of Undrentide Feats
The remaining Shadows of Undrentide feats have now been posted, filling out the list of 31 with feats such as Great Cleave, Arcane Defense, and Divine Might. There is also a printer friendly version of the page.