Neverwinter Wednesday

BioWare's official Neverwinter Nights website gets its usual weekly update. Check it out:
Arcane Archer
Master of the elven warbands, the arcane archer is a warrior skilled in using magic to supplement their combat prowess. One of five new Prestige Classes added in Shadows of Undrentide, arcane archers have a repertoire of magical arrow attacks, including the Arrow of Death. Additionally, 2 new Shadows of Undrentide screenshots have been posted!

Forum Portraits and a New SoU Forum!
As a bonus to registered Game Owners, you will now have your account portrait appear by your name in the forums! As an additional bonus, when you register your CD Key for Shadows of Undrentide, you can select from a set of portraits exclusive to Shadows of Undrentide owners only! So register your CD Key on the Edit Account Details page, and select your portrait today! We have also launched a new SoU Spoilers forum for SoU owners to discuss Shadows of Undrentide.