Dungeons & Dragons Online Article

Staci Krause from IGN had a chance to sit down and talk to Jeff Anderson of Turbine about D&D Online at E3. The article is short, and more a review of the conversation than an actual interview, but it does give a little background info about the project along with a bit of what the developers are trying to implement with this game. Here's a snip of the article:
Of course, one of the biggest responsibilities Turbine faces is being true to the Dungeons & Dragons license. The game will be based off of the 3.5 rulesets (unless a 4.0 ruleset comes out). They aren't releasing information on the setting just yet. From the beginning, players will feel special. They won't be godlike, but they will feel they are different and hero-like. The game will have an epic storyline. He is a huge fan of periodic updates, although he wouldn't commit to having monthly updates in the game - he did say there will be updates and a live team committed to the project.