New Morrowind: Bloodmoon Previews

Two previews of Bethesda's Morrowind: Bloodmoon have surfaced on the web today. The first is over at GameSpy, with a snippet to follow:

Bloodmoon is geared towards higher level PCs, as our level 24 assassin has his hands full while wandering through certain parts of the wilderness. That's not to say that the area is off-limits to lower level PCs, but to get the most out of this expansion you'll want to be fairly advanced. Bethesda claims that Bloodmoon is a much larger expansion in terms of size and the number of dungeons to explore when compared to Tribunal, so Morrowind fans should find themselves with about 30 to 40 hours of gameplay in this new chapter in the Morrowind saga. From what we've seen that looks like a conservative number -- there's really a lot to do.

AllRPG has the second one - another snippet to follow:

The Bloodmoon expansion takes place in the frozen tundra areas of the north. New weather like snow and blizzards are being added to the already astounding weather system. But the best aspect of the expansion is the addition of Werewolves.

You'll have a choice of stories to follow and the opportunity to defend the colony, take over how the colony is built, and eliminate the werewolf threat. Or you could decide to become one of the werewolves and terrorize the townsfolk into submission. There will be new artic based creatures to fight like wolves and frost trolls.