Neverwinter Vault's D20 Modern Mod Team Interview

Neverwinter Nights has posted an interview that they conducted with D20 Modern Mod Team member, SuTech. D20 Modern Mod Team creates modules which include tools to allow games to be set in modern and sci-fi settings. Here's a snippet:
Interview with SuTech (D20 Modern Mod Team)
Taking NWN into a whole genre, the D20 Modern Mod Team has introduced a full complement of resources from using Wizard's D20 Modern rules to placeables and tilesets. Tonight we speak with it's leader SuTech to find out more what this project is all about. - April 16th 2003

1) Could you give our readers some personal background on yourself and your team.

My name is David Caron. I'm an Internet Systems Consultant living in the Chicagoland suburbs of Illinois. My heart belongs to my home New England State of Maine though "Ayuh!" and I'm a huge Patriots fan. My first attempt at modding a game was hacking my saved games from the old SSI Pools of Radiance game, giving myself insanely powerful but unstable items. Prior to working on D20 Modern I was part of WoDMod and the creator and project leader for Werewolf: The Apocalypse - Purification, a port of the Vampire computer game to a Werewolf RPG setting. So modding a game is not something new to me personally.

My team is made up of some of the most creative individuals I've been blessed to work with. Some are very knowledgeable about making changes for NWN, and still some are taking advantage of the opportunity the D20 Modern Mod project has given them to both learn and improve their skills.

2) Could you give us an overview of what the D20 Modern Mod team is all about.

We are all about expanding the resources of NWN to include tools to help people make games set in modern and sci-fi settings. There is not a whole lot of multiplayer modern based computer RPG's out there. So members on the team are all working together towards one shared vision while supporting each other's work. Whether it's the members on the team working on a Fallout genre or one person on the team working towards a Dune setting. Fantasy can only go so far, but with modern and sci-fi tools, expandability is limitless.

3) How hard has it been to implement the D20 modern rules into NWN?

Different parts of the D20 Modern rules are approached differently. Wizards of the Coast actually released a modern D20 rule set based on the same open source D20 system NWN currently uses, the specific dynamics of the game has needed very little customization. The hardest hurdles ahead are implementing skills and firearms, given the current limits in the engine for modification. Understandable since BioWare never intended for the community to do more than just create fantasy modules to play in.