Neverwinter Updates

Since BioWare didn't update the official Neverwinter Nights website with a typical Neverwinter Wednesday due to the September 11th anniversary, they've added the following updates throughout the week:

    Witchwork Status Update
    A new update for the Witchwork Series has been posted on the Project Status page detailing a Template module that includes much of the content that will be shared throughout the series.

    Profile: The DM's Helper
    This first profile of fan-created content looks at "The DM's Helper", a fan-created tool that will be used in the upcoming Witchwork Series. "The DM's Helper" opens up a whole bundle of new abilities within NWN's DM Client.

    Links Directory Ready for Submissions
    Is there a Neverwinter site that you would like to add the Links section? Perhaps you know of a great online resource that you think others in the community should know about? Then submit a link today! Discuss.

    BioWare's Neverwinter Chess Module *Updated*
    The Neverwinter Chess Module created by BioWare's Jonathan Epp has been updated to version 1.2 (details here). The tutorial on adding Neverwinter Chess to your own module has been updated to 1.2 as well.