New Shrouded Isles Information

Matt Firor stopped by the Camelot Herald to let Dark Age of Camelot fans know that not only is the official Shrouded Isles website online, but it has now been updated with information on the new engine, classes, races, continents, and a ton of screenshots. Here's a list of the three new races:

    Realm of Albion - Inconnu

    The Inconnu (literally "mysterious") are small pale humanoids - white-ish skin, pale hair and extremely large dark eyes. They live underground, and exist to serve Arawn, the "old world" Lord of the Underworld.

    The Inconnu want to ally with the Britons to retake the lost Island of Avalon, which has been overrun by the forces of Morgana. Morgana has been stirring things in the underworld with her Necromancy, and Arawn wants to put a stop to it - so he has instructed the Inconnu to ally with the forces of Albion to put a stop to Morgana.

    Realm of Hibernia - Sylvan

    Dryad-type creatures that have a faint resemblance to the trees in which they inhabit. Sylvan are part of the natural fabric of HyBrasil in much the same way as the wolves and badgers that inhabit that wooded land of Hibernia. They have allied with the races of Hibernia to combat the threat of the Fomorians, who are ever-encroaching on HyBrasil.

    Sylvans are humanoid, with bark-like skin and long, slender appendages. Their have leaf-like hair that is colored in appropriately leafy colors: red, green, yellow, and orange.

    Realm of Midgard - Valkyn

    A pre-historic race of humanoids, the Valkyn are a domesticated splinter group of the Morvalt, the race that has taken over Aegir, the mythological land of the Troll Fathers. The Valkyn have allied with Midgard and the Troll Fathers to liberate Aegir from the Morvalt.

    Valkyn are hunched, lithe, muscular creatures that are tribal in nature. They follow their own set of gods, who have been accepted by the Norse pantheon, so long as the Valkyn continue to aid them in their quest to eradicate the Morvalt from Aegir.