New Shrouded Isles Info

Mythic Entertainment held its first Camelot Roundtable gathering on Saturday, so IGN's VN Boards have been full of activity. Shrouded Isles was one of the primary focuses of the gathering, and a lot of the specifics about the expansion ended up in this post. Here's what Albion can expect to see for their new race and classes:

    Albion gets Avalon City, which is under attack by dragon-men led by Morgan le Fay. Morgan le Fay angers the king of the underworld and he joins the Albion realm. The new race is the "Icconnu" they are short, albino, dark skinned, underworld dwellers. New classes are the Necromancer (like EQ shadowknight almost) and the Reaver who has chants that cause negative effects.