Icewind Dale 2

Icewind Dale II is not yet ready to go gold, straight from the developers boards over at

Here is a snippet from the board.

"Game being ready to go gold: Not yet. We found some odd bugs today that were going undetected because they only appear in very rare circumstances. E.g.:

A fighter advances to 5th level. He has a bow equipped. He has the Rapid Shot feat activated. He gains enough XP to advance to 6th level. Somehow, the Rapid Shot BAB/total attack bonus calculations make the feat selection screen think he has the +8 BAB required for Improved Critical. Weird little things like that.

Sleep:Sleep is a good spell at low levels. It's not a good spell at high levels. In HoF mode, creatures' HD actually get bumped up to prevent them from being easily slain by certain spells.

Drow daylight penalties and blindness: It's kind of tricky; the penalties applied to drow and duergar for being in bright light aren't concealment penalties (like blindness). Drow and duergar are uncomfortable in bright light. Not only does it skew their vision, but it often makes them feel physically ill. Blindness, on the other hand, gives a 50% chance to miss on any given attack, according to 3E roolz. Now, drow and duergar can get penalties for being in bright light AND be blinded, with cumulative effects. Blind-fighting helps negate the effects of the blindness"