New Deus Ex 2 preview

Head over to and read an extensive new preview for the long-awaited RPG from Ion Storm Deus Ex 2: The Invisible War. The review reveals much information about the game, unlike before, but there are still many surprises left. Those of you who liked Deus Ex you will be thrilled with the sequel. Playing a female character and several new and strange augmentations are some of the many things that the sequel will offer. Quotation below:

    "Well they're adding another twist into the machine this time around by including Black Market augmentations that you can find and buy from the seedier side of life. The thing about these augmentations (which sound pretty cool by the way) is that each of them comes with a drawback, unlike the previous ones that only can help your character. For example, the life leech drones, which help gain life back. Only, there have to be dead bodies around in order to use it (they recycle bodies into energy for you). So not only is that just a little bit creepy, but it also totally relies on the fact that there's corpses lying around all over the place."