Darkness Falls Entry

Sanya made a post on Camelot Herald clarifying exactly how to gain entrance to Darkness Falls:

    1) Server comes up.
    2) Whoever has the most keeps finds their portal open.
    3) If there was a tie score for most keeps (two or three way tie), nobody finds the portal open.
    4) If someone breaks the tie, the team with the most keeps opens the portal.
    5) If the situation returns to a tie score, the portal does not close - whoever had been winning still keeps the portal.
    6) If the server resets, go back to the beginning of this list. A server reset means a tie score is a tie score - the game does not remember from reboot to reboot which realm had been winning before the return to tied status. Or, to put it another way, once a portal is open, it stays open although ownership may change. The server shutting down closes the portal, and it has to be opened again.