An Early NWN Review

Jay Watamaniuk, BioWare's Community Manager, has posted a review of a recent build of Neverwinter Nights from one of their moderators over at BioWare's official message boards. Here's a snippet:

    Another aspect of character creation that left me thoroughly impressed was the "customization" screen. Character models are designed for race, but not class, letting players pick the perfect look-heads, skin and hair colours, even tattoos combine extremely well with the variety of "default" outfits that you can have your character don. Instead of the originally proposed RGB wheel, skin and hair colours are picked from a variety of predefined tone. These work very nicely-my prototype character, a Dwarven Monk, had bronze skin and flaming red hair in a Bart Simpson-esque style... The colours I chose automatically added accents to the hair, and wrinkles and blemishes, of the correct hues. The portraits, too, are extremely well done, much higher resolution that the Bhaalspawn series.