Wizardry 8 Review

The general feeling of the community for the late Sir-tech Software's last triumph, Wizardry 8, is that the combat is a little on the difficult if not frustrating side for the first half of the game, but aside from this, the game is in most ways superb. RPGDot has released their Wizardry 8 Review, giving it their Gold Award. Here's a piece of that pie:

As for the acoustic side, Sir Tech did a great job: The voices of your own characters can be customized to have different accents and attitudes. You can have everything from angry French characters to uptight fairies, and you won't even get tired of them, since they have so much (and regularly funny) things to say. And the music by Kevin Manthei is very moody, but sometimes the tracks are too short, which makes them to be played to often and thus sound repetitive.