Neverwinter Interview

Maximus of Neverwinter Vault let us know that they've posted an interview with BioWare that talks about NWN's game mechanics and some in-depth information about what can and can't be done with scripting. Here's a snippet:

    Marc Taro mentioned that the disguise skill was currently in the plan. This skill would allow rogues the ability to "mask your name and class". DMs can also "script items which grant the ability". Would this skill also allow the character to appear different to other PCs and substitute the character portrait? Will there be a flag that can be referenced through a script to see if a character is in disguise?

    Marc mentioned the disguise skill some time ago, and unfortunately the skill will not be included in the initial release. However, a character's class is never revealed to the other players; a player may guess at another character's class based upon the equipment in use, but thanks to the diversity amongst players with the 3rd edition rule set of Dungeons & Dragons, it will never be anything more than a guess.