Albion Equipment Update

For those of you who were playing DAoC from its time of release (or beta), you will remember that Mythic originally had the stats of every weapon show a "Damage" factor. Because there was no way to actually calculate your damage per second using just the "Damage" and "Speed" factors, they altered every weapon to instead show "DPS". Although this was a very nice change, it caused a lot of the earlier weapons in our database to reflect wrong information, including all vendor-bought items.

So, over the last couple of days, I finally found the time to visit every weapon vendor in Albion once again (not fun) to update the changes to the database. What I found is that there have been quite a few changes to weapons aside from just the DPS rating. Mythic has also changed the speed and weight on several weapons, and have even removed some weapons like Battle Axes.

Anyway, today I have uploaded the database with all of the correct stats for vendor-bought weapons in Albion. Hibernia and Midgard will also be updated, once I find time. In addition to the updated weapon stats, I've also added a few new/updated magical items to Albion. Enjoy.

New/Updated Albion Armor: 3 Items
New/Updated Albion Weapons: 2 Items