Wizardry 8 Q&A

GameSpot has put together a two-page Q&A with Linda Currie of Sirtech regarding their recently released Wizardry 8 and the future of their game-making business. A snippet to follow:

    GS: You've stated previously that Sirtech Canada wasn't "going out of business," but rather that the company would no longer produce games. Would you please elaborate on what this means, specifically? Given how well Wizardry 8 has been received, are there any prospects for more games from Sirtech Canada, perhaps an expansion pack or add-on for Wizardry 8?

    LC: What that means is that we are going to stand behind Wizardry 8 to ensure that our players get technical support as they need it and that patches become available as they are required. Sadly, though, Sirtech Canada will not be developing future titles, and there are no plans for add-ons or expansion packs.