Wizardry 8 Semi-News

Well, it's obvious now that the makers of the highly-anticipated yet highly-delayed Wizardry 8 have some forthcoming news in the very near future. RPGDot.com posted today that on the Official Wizardry 8 boards, Linda Currie had this to say (though you'll have to look on page 5)... Oh heck, let's give it to you in order. 15th of October :)

I fully expect to be here tomorrow with the news you've been waiting for. I may even be able to get back on late tonight if I get the go-ahead on time... [crosses fingers].

Believe me, I'm as eager as you are.

16th of October:

We do have news.
It is coming very soon.
I'm sure you'll be pleased.

BUT.... I can't yet post it until the final press release is approved. It's imminent (and has been for days).

It is still possible that I'll get the clearance I need sometime today to be able to post but I wanted to let all know the situation and that I'm very sorry for this delay.

Linda Currie