Pool of Radiance Debut Article

Computer Games Online has put up a four page article talking about what has turned out to be a disappointing launch for Ubi-Soft's Pool of Radiance. The article has some good information on how the company plans to fix the problems and includes several quotes from producer Garrett Graham:

    The patch that Ubi Soft released on October 12 supposedly fixes both problems. Two more patches are planned for sure, a 1.2 due around October 19, and a 1.3 version due sometime in November. The first will address problems with corrupted saved games, among other things, while the second will be much broader in scope, addressing "mostly stuff we're reading about on the forums," according to Graham. The fixes for bad saves is complicated by not being universal; while widespread, the problem has not affected everyone playing the game, which is one reason why quality assurance is taking a while.