Pool of Radiance Patch Update

Garrett Graham posted the following update on the official Pool of Radiance website:

    Update: October 5, 2001

    1. The patch for the Uninstall bug is just about done in QA and looks good. Unless we find something wrong with it, we think it will be posted by the end of day Sunday (Pacific Standard Time).

    2. We think we've found a fix for the Install bug, and QA is testing it. This will go out as part of the patch that we're hoping to have posted by Sunday night (see #1).

    3. The second patch, which covers the save game bugs ( the corrupted/lost save and the Invisibility save) should be done and tested by the end of next week. This patch will NOT invalidate current save games.

    4. Once these two patches are out, we will take the info we've gathered from the Forums and Tech Support and start work on addressing the remaining big issues.

    Garrett (Gar Dog)
    Producer, Pool of Radiance