Pool of Radiance Website Update

The official Pool of Radiance website has been updated with news of when the European version of the game will be released:

    Pool of Radiance will be released in Europe in mid November 2001!! The fans will be able to buy the game fully translated in German and French. The original version will also be available with Spanish and Italian subtitles. More news on the European release coming soon.

Additionally, I missed an update they did back on the 7th of September concerning the Collector's Edition of the game:

    For the total D&D® gaming experience, Ubi Soft will be releasing individually numbered copies of the Pool of Radiance Collector's Edition. The Collector's pack includes: The Pool of Radiance tabletop role-playing module, the Pool of Radiance novel by fantasy fiction writer Carrie Bebris, the original game soundtrack on a separate CD, a custom dice bag and set of role-playing dice. For more information visit Ubisoft.com or visit your local retailer.