Midgard @ ECTS

Gamespot has posted their impression of Midgard, Funcoms upcoming MMORPG. Here's a snippet of the article:
While support for its sci-fi online role-playing game Anarchy Online is far from slowing, Funcom is already at work on developing a new online game that combines character and community development with resource management and strategy elements. The game was first announced at E3 earlier this year, and since then, the development team has been hard at work on a new graphics engine. The engine is being targeted at a GeForce3-level graphics card and is capable of believably modeling the complex waves and weather of the open sea and of incorporating the dense, vertical terrain of Scandinavia with its deep fjords, caves, and glaciers.
Some of you may be discouraged to even look due to the fact that Funcom is making it. I myself was until I read the Norwegian preview of Midgard over at VG (Note: It's in Norwegian, Duh =P.) One of the things Ragnar Tørnquist said in an interview was "It's done when it's done." This gives me faith that Funcom won't rush this one out the door.

Oh, and you can find the rest of the impression here.