More WoW

One of the latest previews to surface of the recently announced MMORPG World of Warcraft comes from none other than As you'd expect from the site, it's packed with 5 pages of info, including much intelligent speculation you'll probably not see anywhere else. Here's a bit on the graphics:

As we stood in the World of Warcraft for a few moments and soaked up the breathtaking scenery, it was evident that Blizzard wants gamers to feel they have been transported to a completely new fantasy world. A place that is full of rich vibrant colours where buildings and trees are exaggerated and not photo-realistic.

Warcraft III's graphics are impressive because they're ultra colorful, highly detailed and very fantasy-like, sort of like the Capcom arcade games of old. It's great to see graphics like that being brought into the MMORPG world.