Wizardry 8 Out Soon? Maybe...

Two bits here. First, there's some awesome news over at the VN boards for Sir-tech Canada's Wizardry 8. Linda Currie posted first that Voodooextreme's new poll is one that may be worth looking at, and secondly... that the poll is specifically about games that are being released within the next two months! Whether you vote for Wiz 8, DAOC, PoR, or another is up to you, but given the quality and hard times that Wiz 8 has had it could be worth giving them some positive feedback this time. Here's the whole post:

Just letting you know that I've stopped by. BTW, there is a poll at www.voodooextreme.com that asks:

Which PC game that's scheduled to be released within the next two months are you most looking forward to?

Maybe you should all go cast a vote ; ).


Linda Currie