Wizardry 8 Interview & Progress Report

Very high on my list for RPG's yet to come out (only the flexibility of NWN might put that higher), Wizardry 8, is finally back in the news with some very current information from Linda Currie of the dev. team in a detailed and informative interview by 3DFiles. Some seasoning:

Q: Buka Entertainment informed us (with the reference to your company) that the Russian version of Wizardry VIII will be released this autumn, and the date of release will be independent from international release, as was planned earlier. Is it possible, that the game will be released only in Russia or it just will be published world-wide considerably later?

A: I hate to go out on a limb and say this since comments like this have come back to haunt us, but I am hopeful that there will be news on an English release date soon. We expect that if the English version is not actually simultaneous with the Russian release, it should be very close to it, by maybe a month.

Having played the press demo an abnormaly long time, it being so good and all, I am totally converted to the mission that is getting Wiz 8 to shelves. Publishers, they have a solid game here and that's an understatement.