Q & A with Chris Taylor

The Guru (a title you get after only have developed one KILLER game and while working on another) Chris Taylor, decided to let loose a few answers to the beautiful riddle that is Dungeon Siege. GameSpy also includes a sprinkling of absolutely breathtaking shots, naturally =), of the game in action. Here's a technical taste:

Q: No loading screens ever? Really? How can you do that when no one else has been able to?

Chris Taylor: When the player starts, they see a screen that prepares the world as the game loads initially, and then the only time they would see one after that is if they loaded a saved game. As the player walks the character through the world, the engine is constantly loading the terrain, objects, sound and animations for the new stuff that is coming up ahead of them, before they see it. This is all happening on a separate thread that is running in the background.