New Baldur's Gate II Utility

BioWare has released a new system information tool for Baldur's Gate II players that checks your system configuration, making bug reporting easier. Here are the details from BioWare's site:

    SysInfo is a handy application developed at BioWare Corp. for use with our games. The SysInfo tool serves two purposes. Firstly, it checks a computer system to see that all the requirements are met to be able to install and play Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal. Secondly, it is able to save the information on system specs as well as details on BGII configuration into a text file (Info_TOB.txt). This text file can then be used for customer support purposes to facilitate bug reporting. No other information from your computer is saved to this file, so your privacy is protected. We have found SysInfo to be a useful and reliable tool, but it should be noted that we are unable to offer customer support for SysInfo should you experience difficulties.

Interested in taking advantage of this new utility? You can download it right here.