Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting

Gamer asks about the implementation of the the forgotten realms campaigns setting:

...I just bought the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting and I love it, it truly has some wonderful things in it for Neverwinter Nights and I'm pretty sure you guys will, but I'm just gonna remind you - that book is the way to go from here... I say base all of the upcoming expansions containing subraces, new feats, skills and prestige classes first and foremost on this book - it's amazing (Archmage, anyone?)

    We have plans to do just that (provided we can do a sequel or expansion). We only just recently got our copies of the FR Handbook, but we have begun in earnest to look for feats, skills, prestige classes, creatures, plot hooks, spells, and all sorts of other things that we would like to implement, and would be easy to implement into a CRPG. Let's just hope that there is enough demand for a sequel or expansion so that we can do one (or more!) :)

    Bob McCabe
    Writing & Design