Lineage: The Bloodpledge Infobits

Lineage: The Bloodpledge is an MMORPG played over in Korea, but has begun attracting attention from US players due to it going commercially live today. Two gaming sites give us the scoop on Lineage today, the first being RPGDot with an interview with Ivan Kedrin of NCSoft, creators of the game. Here's some quotage:

    RPGDot: You have two servers now, one that allows player killing and the other does not. Can you tell us a bit more on what the pros and cons are of being a player killer and can newbies be killed also?

    Ivan Kedrin: PKs can't trade with most NPCs. On a PK server, if you kill a neutral or a lawful player outside of a safe zone(such as a duelling field) you will turn chaotic and guards will hunt you down whenever you come near a town. You will drop more items when you die if you are chaotic. Players with 30000+ lawful points do not drop items/weapons they are wearing/wielding. On a non-PK server there is no natural way to kill another player. Newbies can be killed by players on PK server but they don't loose experience/level when they die until they are over level 5.

Secondly, GameZNet has posted up a review of Lineage, based upon their first impressions of the game:

    Players can form in to hunting parties to share experience and monitor one another's hit points. You can also form Blood Pledge's which are similar to the guilds of other games. You can even upload your own emblem to be displayed in game. Blood Pledge's can declare wars upon one another to be waged in Player vs. Player(PVP) combat. You can even besiege a warring Pledge's castle. Sieges are one of the most interesting aspects of the game.