Wizardry 8 Design Log

The host with the most, RPGVault, put forth another issue of the Wizardry 8 Design Log series, written this time by James Ferris of Sirtech. It covers a variety of topics, most if it non-Wiz 8 territory but nevertheless an interesting browse through. Here's a tease:

Some levels almost build themselves, when you have a good idea of the race, their attitude and methods. Well, that may be a stretch, but it makes it easier to solve the small design problems that crop up from time to time. If asked, I might say that I like the Rapax areas the best. I have received a lot of feedback on them that the castle feels HUGE, and it's easy to get lost in it. I've never noticed that, but having planned and built most of it from the inside out, I know every corridor and room by heart. One place I do feel lost in sometimes is one of the later levels in the game, and I built that one too, so I have no excuses except that it IS huge! (You'll see). On the other hand, the arboreal town of Trynton has a wonderful feel to it - open, lofty… especially the … ahhh, but I shouldn't spoil things for the player. You'll find out as part of the plot unfolds, and I'd hate to give too much away.