Wizardry 8 Preview(s)

Ever notice that the designers of the logo for the forthcoming RPG Wizardry 8 designed it to look like a vertical infinity sign? I like that idea, as having played it myself and were I working on the team, I'd definitely have enough pride in it to call it a game for the ages. Another glowing preview from Ironworks is posted, again of the now-famous press release demo. Here's a pickin':

The spell system is totally awesome, and the spell effects are amazing looking! Since this is a press copy with only one level, I've only seen the lower level spells, but I'm sure the higher ones are even MORE impressive!

Okay, admittedly that doesn't say much. He was impressed, and so was I... to the extreme, but trust me, it does get more detailed. =) And if you're looking for even more about the game... in fact a LOT more, I'll mention the GameBanshee Wiz 8 preview that we posted recently.