Wizardry 8 Preview

C|Net's Gamecenter has posted up a preview for the long-awaited addition to the Wizardry series, Wizardry 8. The preview includes quotage from Charles Miles, one of the game's creators, to expand on certain aspects of the game. Here's some of what you're in store for:

    Wizardry 8's character development model alone should be sophisticated and deep enough to keep players enthralled for months. Gamers will be able to create a wide range of party members, and select from a serious variety of elements. Miles explains, "There are 11 races, 15 professions, two sexes, and 18 different voices for each sex, which gives you a huge number of different combinations." Players will not only be able to fashion up to six party members, but they'll also be able to guide their development throughout their life cycles. "Once your characters start adventuring, you can tweak them even more," Miles continues. "For example, some of our testers make their samurai into master swordsmen, while others prefer to make their samurai into expert spellcasters."

You can check out the entire preview by clicking here.