Wizardry 8 Screen Jobbies

Wake up publishers and grab this title! This is Wizardry we're talking about. Yes, it's been in development for a long time but still looks very good relative to any of today's RPG's, and yes, if you stretch your imagination it can be considered sort of a niche game... in the past. However, this is not the case with the newest incarnation, Wizardry 8. It may be by hardcore roleplayers, but it's not only for hardcore roleplayers. It's a 3D immersive role playing game filled with political intrigue, exploration, monster encounters, magic and a detailed world we'd all like the opportunity to explore. (Sirtech, my pleasure <g>)

Here are 4 new 1280x960 high res (well, not if you own a 27" monitor and 64 meg card, but hey let's not be picky now) screenshots showing off one of the dungeon environments, at the official Wiz 8 page at Sirtech, Canada. Then, reach for their newly updated FAQ for the latest on naming your characters. I'm sure you're thinking, seems like such a simple idea, hardly anything for a FAQ, but they've added a little twist to the matter.