Neverwinter Like Never Before!

275 Megs of Neverwinter Nights' action like you have just never seen. Fileplanet has 19 NWN movies that fit together into one continuous whole totalling over 275 Megabytes. Each of them fit together so that if you download them all, you'll get one progressive story from beginning to end. Therefore, start at the beginning and work your way to #19.

What do the movies show? Gameplay, pure gameplay. A member from the BioWare team, his character named Rob in the game... maybe it's Rob Bartel Co-Designer(?)... takes us through roughly 30 minutes of using the NWN Editor, the interface, combat, etc. I will say that the spells look absolutely and remarkably smooth and gorgeous. And the shadows... which I for one just couldn't ignore (nor wanted to), were the most dynamic and noticeable out of any game I've laid eyes on. And the interface is intuitively brilliant. Something that I think Windows should be based around. Once again, get your NWN fix and them some by flowing like a calm stream in a peaceful plain, under gently piled snow at the edges, flakes softening and falling in, melting to become part of you, right over to Fileplanet here.