Baldur's Gate II Patch

Yes, BioWare has officially released a beta patch for Baldur's Gate II. Here is a list of fixes:

    Corrects the BG2 Windows Registry entries set by the original BG2 installation. This will happen during the installation of the patch.

    Bgconfig.exe - Corrects the problem with inadvertently changing the cache size.

    Game can now read save games with read-only flag and they do not show up in save list so you can not overwrite them.

    You can now open containers in stores where the storekeeper will not buy anything from you.

    Temples now allow you to purchase heal spells when you are blinded.

    Monks now suffer from non-proficiency penalties.

    Monks can no longer attack the same number of times per round armed as unarmed.

    Fixed importing characters when the character portrait was not available.

    Fix to familiars moving between areas. Specifically this fixes releasing familiars after dream sequences.

    Fixed re-choosing mage kit during character creation.

    Animation changing while walking doesn't drop path as often now. Specifically with some items and being changed to a drow.

    Added baldur.ini option to disable sound.
    [Program Options]
    Disable Sound=1

    Can now read cache settings above 999 Megs and minimum cache size is now enforced at 150 Meg.

    Fixed a rare bug with True Sight causing some games to crash on load.

    In multiplayer, host can no longer force clients with characters you do not control to open their bags.

    Fixed the Assassin poison causing too much damage.

    Fixed dual-classed Barbarian/Spell casters. Now able to cast spells after Barbarian class is reactivated.

    Journal time format is now consistent with game clock time format.

    The bug where mages, thieves, sorcerers, and bards weren't getting their CON hp bonus when going from level 9 to 10. This fix will affect all characters to be created, as well as affect all currently afflicted characters.

    Fixed Nishruu draining charges could wrap item's charges to 65000. This also caused these items to be sold for millions of gold pieces.

    Fixed major bug with Nishruus eating item w/o charges (familiars, weapons, etc.)

    Fixed bug with using Stone to Flesh didn't restore the Dead Global correctly.

    Fixed the problem some were having with Anomen's quest not starting.

    Fixed bug with using charm to restore party members means they could never talk again.

    Fixed problem with saving a trap that would cause it to detach from the party therefore no XP.

    Fixed bug with creating 2 kits in a row lead to menu inconsistency (having to hit done twice after picking a class) in multiplayer.

    Fixed first time run message for config program reruns even if you have run config already.

    Fixed bug with importing a character whose portrait doesn't exist caused level up to be applied twice.

    Fixed bug with dream sequences (familiars got stuck in wrong area).

    Fixed Multiplayer - client set scripts weren't saved between areas.

    Fixed Multiplayer - Running back and forth, being chased by a monster in an area – monster changed to Biff the understudy.

    Fixed DialogueInterrupt (flag) was not broadcast to clients.

    Fixed bug with Yoshimo script not changing correctly.

    Fixed Polymorphed characters losing their path.

    Fixed bug with Dual classed Bounty Hunters being able to use skills even if inactive class.

    Fixed problem with Copper Coronet guard blocking doorway.

    Fixed bug in Planar Sphere showing the wrong text when failing to make Ring of Wizardry.

    Fixed if inventory was full when finishing the 12 riddles as the Statue of Riddles, the item dropped inside with the Statue and could not be retrieved. It now drops outside.

    Fixed problem with battle between Hendak and Rumar.

    Fixed bug with player losing the thieves guild, paying Renal Bloodscalp to regain it and it was immediately lost again.

    Fixed problem with Anomen quest not starting when he enters AR0903.

    Fixed NPCs not starting with the proper skills relative to they're level.

    Fixed Cursed Berserker sword causing inability to save.

    Fixed final battle with Bodhi when she turns into the bat, which if killed, caused the loss of the quest item.

    Fixed rare bug caused by regaining control of a charmed character with the collars in the Underdark.

    Fixed rare bug with Malachai getting into a dialogue loop if you talked to him before killing Bodhi.

You can download the patch by clicking right here.