Diablo: Immortal - Age of Falling Towers Update Now Live

Age of Falling Towers is the title of the new major content update for Blizzard Entertainment's mobile-focused action-RPG Diablo: Immortal. Featuring the new Accursed Towers Clan-based game mode, cursed items, a new dungeon and quest, a limited-time recruitment event, plenty of assorted feature updates, and more, the update is now live, following the latest instance of server maintenance.

Here's an overview of the new game mode, and you take it from there:


Recently, cryptic obelisks from many eons ago were unearthed, each exuding an aura of power. Sanctuary’s denizens desire to claim such power for themselves but do not yet know how to do so. Accursed Towers is a new game mode that features both PvE and PvP gameplay. Clans will compete to claim ownership of towers, thereby providing powerful bonuses to all Clan members and the opportunity to acquire new Cursed Items. Players must be in a Clan to participate in Accursed Towers.

The description below of Accursed Towers is only a bird’s eye view of the game mode. We plan to provide additional details via in-game mail after the maintenance period that will help Clan Leaders make the most of Accursed Towers. There are also in-game tutorials that can help quickly get you up to speed on this new feature. To access those, click or tap the “i” icons in the Accursed Towers menu.

How to Claim Towers

Each Clan may have up to 2 towers under their control per Season. At the end of each eight-week Season, the ownership of all towers will be reset.

At the start of a Season, players will see many towers on the map to select from, all of which will be Unclaimed Towers. During the first week of a Season, from Monday, 3 a.m.–Saturday 7 p.m. server time, your Clan’s leader can select a tower through the Accursed Tower’s menu and attempt to claim it for your Clan, plunging your Clan into a PvE match against Hell’s minions for control of the tower by Purifying it. Only 1 tower can be claimed per Clan during the first week of the Season.

While fighting demonic hordes for control of the tower, your Clan’s objective is to collect Cursed Shards from slain demons. However, players can’t simply attack enemies as they normally would. To deal damage to your foes, first you’ll need to locate and activate the tower’s Curse Sources. Doing so will make enemies vulnerable, allowing you to dispatch them and collect their Cursed Shards. Once the timer runs out, the top 10 Clan members with the highest Cursed Shard amounts will have them added to your team’s total. A Clan can choose to do as many runs to collect Cursed Shards at the same tower as they desire, but only the highest team total will be retained. If your Clan has collected the most Cursed Shards among all Clans vying for that specific tower by Saturday at 7 p.m. server time, then your Clan will claim the tower.

Claiming a tower is cause for celebration within your Clan, but now you must defend it. Hell’s minions will attempt to retake their stolen home. Once your Corruption meter reaches a certain amount, demonic incursions will follow. Members of your Clan must come to defend your tower promptly or else it will be lost and can be reclaimed by another Clan.

There is a way to ward off Hell’s mindless marauders, though: by powering up your tower. Within the Accursed Tower’s menu, your Clan leader can choose to power up your tower. Doing so will not only end the attacks on it from demons but increase the bonuses provided by your tower and periodic rewards provided by the Rewards Chest inside of it. Beware, as powering up your tower does come at a cost—other Clans will be able to challenge your clan to a PvP match for control of the tower.

Contesting a Tower Through PvP

The rewards gained from towers sound desirable, right? The other Clans on your Server will certainly think so. Starting the second week of a Season, Clans can have a second tower under their control. From Saturday, 9 p.m.–Sunday 12 a.m. server time, Clans will be able to attempt to challenge for tower ownership from another Clan through an all-out PvP match. Should your Clan prevail, they’ll not only leave with bragging rights and a new tower to receive periodic rewards from, but also a bevy of rewards from participating in the PvP match, which can include Cursed Items.

Because the first season of Accursed Towers begins mid-week, the schedule for the first week will differ from subsequent seasons. The gameplay itself will be as detailed above. Here’s the schedule:
  • March 30 after maintenance period–March 31 at 3 a.m. server time: The Clan Leader will decide which tower they would like to try to claim.
  • March 31, 3 a.m.–April 1, 7 p.m. server time: Collect Cursed Shards at chosen tower.
  • April 1, 7 p.m. server time: Cursed Shard Clan totals are counted and the Clan with the most at each tower claims that tower.