Wildermyth: Armors and Skins DLC Announced

Worldwalker Games' party-based procedural storytelling RPG Wildermyth will be getting its first piece of premium post-release content on May 4, 2023, when the Armors and Skins DLC is scheduled to go live. True to its name, the DLC will introduce four new armor types per class and 40 new transformation skins.

Here's a quick trailer for the DLC:

And its official description:

Customize Your Adventuring Party with the Armors and Skins DLC!

This DLC unlocks four new armor types per class (with two tiers each) and four new Humble Ginnings per class, for a total of 36 new outfits—this triples the number of armors in the game! Each armor also brings its own new set of stats and mechanics, allowing you to explore new builds for your heroes. Try an armored battle-mage, an assassin hunter, or a gladiator warrior with lots of movement.

Warrior Armors:
  • Glimcowling/Spellcowling
  • Riverscale/Oceanscale
  • Rainscoth/Battlescoth
  • Mornclate/Gravenclate
Hunter Armors:
  • Roadswayth/Layswayth
  • Rotshawn/Elkenshawn
  • Softhasping/Dreadhasping
  • Tabbyflack/Towerclate
Mystic Armors:
  • Ramblerunic/Fablerunic
  • Sparebolting/Haleclate
  • Witchingsheaves/Kestrelwing
  • Hillthroft/Mountainthroft
Make Your Heroes Stand Out with New Transformation Skins!

The DLC also adds 40 new transformation skins, allowing for further customization of your transformed heroes. Multiple Wolftouched hunters in your party? Now you can tell them apart! Your Crystalline warrior can be rough or refined, to match her fighting style. Or maybe your Crowtouched mystic has always had a bit of a "saurian" streak.

Each transformation has at least one new skin:
  • Bear (Tattoo)
  • Botanical (Carnivorous)
  • Celestial (Galactic)
  • Foothill (Obsidian and Mossy)
  • Crowtouched (Magefeather and Saurian)
  • Crystalline (Cave, Shard, and Glass)
  • Elmsoul (Conifer and Willow)
  • Fire (Draconic, Bloom, and Helix)
  • Fox Tail (Multi, Drape, and Feather)
  • Frog Head (Chameleon and Treefrog)
  • Hawkwings (Construct)
  • Morthagi (Globe)
  • Mothwings (Thrixl)
  • Rat Tail (Tufted)
  • Scorpion Tail (Mechanical and Spiky)
  • Shadow (Mouthy and Burning)
  • Skeleton (Wrapped and Chained)
  • Skunk Tail (Long and Striped)
  • Spelltouched (Tattoos)
  • Storm (Jagged, Golden, and Bound)
  • Sylvan (Divine)
  • Wolftouched (Scrag, Sage, and Scruff)
Playing Multiplayer? Not to worry, as long as one player in the group has the DLC, everyone will have access to the new armors and skins.

Now there are even more ways to let your heroes be who they want to be!