System Shock Remastered Edition Update #93

Earlier this month, we got this Kickstarter update for Nightdive Studios' System Shock Remastered Edition that invited some of the game's backers to participate in a closed beta. And hot on its heels, we get another update that opens the beta up to more backers, highlights a recent patch, and shows off a number of paintings by Robb Waters, the original System Shock concept artist.

Here are the text bits:

Hey Hackers,

It’s been a VERY busy few days. We wanted to share the latest round of announcements with our amazing community.

ANNOUNCEMENT #1: More Closed Beta Keys For More Backers

You asked and we listened.

For the backers that spent $50 or more combined between Kickstarter and Backerkit, you will be automatically included in the latest round of keys for System Shock.

A big shout out to Backerkit Support for helping us coordinate this on the backend. This decision will add over 1,500 new people that will receive access to the Closed Beta. This alone is amazing! We can’t wait for you to play it and share your feedback with our dev team.

If you fall into this category of backers, you will be receiving an email soon with instructions on how to obtain your copy of the Closed Beta of System Shock.

ANNOUNCEMENT #2: The Closed Beta Has Been Updated

As of last night, we launched the a new version of the Closed Beta with the following fixes outlined in the changelog below:

Major Fixes
  • Fixed crash for Hard Difficulty Wire Puzzles
  • Fix for Dying after Exiting Cyberspace on Hard Difficulty
  • Cyberspace Software Pickups are now correctly saved
  • Several Hardware energy draining issues fixed
  • Fixed crash when destroying CPU Nodes
  • Fix for game being Paused when loading a save
Minor Fixes
  • Logistics lifts will no longer open under the player
  • Enemy spawns have been rebalanced on each level
  • Biometer tooltip will now zero out over time
  • Fix for Shotgun not switching ammo types
  • Fixed Automap bug where the icons appear incorrectly
  • Autobombs explode further away from the Hacker now
  • Power Stations will now charge while on other levels
  • Items in the Inventory should never be placed outside of the Inventory bounds
  • Disable VR and OpenXR settings by default
So what are you waiting for?! Get in there and go take down some mutants!

ANNOUNCEMENT #3: The Robb Waters Paintings Are Almost Here

The original concept artist for System Shock, Robb Waters, has given us a special sneak peek at the paintings that he has been working on for the few lucky backers that took the leap and backed at the Shodan’s Pet tier.

Your one-of-a-kind signed original paintings are on the way.

That’s all for now!

- Team Nightdive Studios