Diablo II: Resurrected Third Ladder Season and Patch v2.6 Detailed

Blizzard Entertainment's "Resurrected" remaster of Diablo II will be getting a new ladder season on February 16, 2023. The season will be introducing eight new Rune Words and a handful of Horadric Cube recipes, while also changing the drop rates of the recently-added Sundering Charms.

The new season will be preceded by the 2.6 patch that will be adding a number of new Terror Zones and making them available in offline games. On top of that, it will feature a decent number of bug fixes and quality of life improvements.

Here's more on that, along with the new patch notes:

You’ve returned safely! Join us around the campfire, Adventurer.

The stench of Hell grows in intensity, crazed snarls can be heard from afar, demons birthed straight from your nightmares surge toward you. Meet them axe first on February 16 when Ladder Season Three starts. We have quite a few updates to Diablo II: Resurrected to share—continue on for a more comprehensive look at what is releasing with Ladder Season Three and Patch 2.6.


Our first two Ladder Seasons for Diablo II: Resurrected showed just how adept your adventurers were at saving Sanctuary, racing to be the first to cement their names on the Leaderboard. All the while striking fear into the tormented hearts of their demonic adversaries in the process.

Ladder Season Three will begin on February 16, ushering in a new opportunity for brave adventurers to race to level 99 and amass powerful loot along the way. We cannot wait to see how the eight new Rune Words will influence the leaderboard, or hopefully, allow new players the opportunity to see their name on it for the first time.

We’re also introducing changes to the availability of Sundering Charms, existing Rune Words, and new Horadric Cube Recipes with the start of Ladder Season Three. More information about these can be found in the following sections.



On February 15 at 10:00 a.m. PST, changes to Terror Zones and a variety of quality-of-life updates and bug fixes will go live.

Terror Zones

To spice things up further, we have made changes to Terror Zones. Also, Terror Zones are now available in offline games! Offline Terror Zones will operate on a different schedule from their online counterpart but function the same otherwise. Remember, you can now receive Sundering Charms as a drop in offline Terror Zone games too.

The red font text below denotes which new zones may be terrorized or zones that will now be terrorized in unison. Here’s a complete list of all the zones that can become terrorized[...]

Quality-of-Life Updates and Bug Fixes

  • Auras from another player or a mercenary no longer remove passive bonuses granted by the same skill. Such as Flickering Flame's Resist Fire aura from a mercenary overwriting a Paladin's base Resist Fire from their own hard points in Resist Fire.
    • This also fixes an issue where Paladin's Blessed Aim Aura would overwrite the Attack Rating increase granted by Amazon's Penetrate skill.
  • Assassin
    • The Assassin's trap skills now benefit from -% to Enemy Resistance.
    • Fixed an issue where missiles created from Martial Arts charge up skills would not gain the benefit of +% To Elemental Skill Damage modifiers.
  • Amazon
    • Fixed an issue where Strafe was not applying bonus Attack Rating to attacks.
    • Fixed an issue where Strafe was still doing 75% weapon damage after a previous balance change.
    • Fixed issue where the +% Attack Rating on Power Strike was not being applied.
    • Fixed the tooltip for Multi Shot to reflect the synergy bonus.
  • Sorceress
    • Cold Mastery is now applied at 1/5 effectiveness after an immunity is broken.
    • Fixed an issue where Fire Mastery's bonus to fire skill damage didn't apply to the additional fire damage granted by Enchant on ranged weapons.
    • Updated the tooltip for Enchant to better reflect the skill's effects.
  • Druid
    • Fixed an underlying issue that caused the Druid's Shockwave skill to do an unintended amount of damage.
Terror Zones
  • Fixed Terrorized treasure classes for certain super-unique monsters and bosses.
  • Fixed an issue where an act boss's quest treasure class would sometimes be used instead of the terrorized treasure class.
  • Fixed an issue where the current terrorized zone was not properly marked in the Waypoint menu while using Legacy Graphics.
  • Fixed an issue with translations that appear when The Pit is the current terrorized zone.
  • Fixed an issue where skills granted by charges on a character’s alternate slot weapon would have their bound hotkeys unusable when loading into a game.
  • Fixed an issue where the Loot to Cube skill would not function if bound to the shared interaction button.
  • Fixed an issue where pressing the hotkey to open the inventory while loading into the game could cause the inventory UI to appear empty.
  • Fixed an issue where the Shared Stash could exceed the memory limit, which caused items in the player's inventory or Stash to be deleted.
  • Fixed an issue where the tooltip on the Lobby's season dropdown would show an inaccurate date.
  • Fixed an issue where new entries on the leaderboard could display as Unknown.
  • Fixed an issue where applying changes to controls would automatically close the settings menu.
  • Fixed an issue where changes to controls would not be immediately applied.
  • Fixed an issue where swapping between keyboard and mouse input and controller input would reset the difficulty filter in the PC Lobby game list.
  • Added an appropriate error message when trying to create an online character with a name that is already taken on the player's online character list.
  • The Ladder flag in character creation will now be disabled when there is no active Ladder Season.
  • Fixed an issue with a voice over line from Tyrael in Chinese.
  • Fixed an issue with the Chinese version of Deckard Cain's Stay a while and listen voice over dialogue.
  • Moved the "% Damage Synergy" field for Multiple Shot (srvdofunc 8) from calc4 to calc5.
  • New columns have been added. Developers of existing offline single-player mods can remake their changes with the new data, or they can add the new columns manually before merging.
    • skills.txt
      • "ItemUseRestrict"
    • skilldesc.txt
      • "item proc text"
      • "item proc descline count"
    • states.txt
      • "sunder-res-reduce"
Thank you for your continued support. We cannot wait to see you in the great race to Level 99 once Ladder Season Three begins!

-The Diablo II: Resurrected Team