Gothic 1 Remake - Molerat Sneakpeek

With a new month upon us, we get another sneak peek at THQ Nordic and Alkimia Interactive's Gothic remake. This one shows off the updated molerat model that looks precisely look you would expect a molerat to look, now with more polygons.

The link above has the screenshot, but here's the text intro leading up to it:

Have you ever had a feeling of being left with unanswered questions after some quests in Gothic? Like the quest with the missing Nek from the Old Camp? How could a battle-hardened guard not handle three molerats? Sounds a bit weird and suspicious, doesn't it?

But still, everything is possible and we should not deny this possibility. These pink-skinned creatures, hiding in caves from the bright sunlight, usually live in groups of 3-4 individuals, and together they can still be a threat!

Well, let's take a closer look at the suspect, hm?