Monomyth Update - Beta 2 Available

Last week, we had a chance to familiarize ourselves with this Kickstarter update for Rat Tower Software's dungeon crawling RPG Monomyth that outlined the contents of the game's upcoming closed beta. This new beta build was said to feature two fresh areas to explore, an assortment of new items and some new NPCs.

And with that in mind, this quick update lets us know that all of the above is now available to those select backers with beta access. It also shares some instructions for accessing the new stuff. Check it out:

Hi, dungeon-crawling fans!

Just a quick note for everybody in the closed beta: Update 2 is now live. To download it restart Steam and the patch should be automatically applied. The version on the menu screen should be "Beta 2.00a".

I have gone over the contents of this patch during the last update, but here is another quick tip:

If you wish to test only the new area you can do so by creating a new character and pressing "K" in the game. This will call the debug menu[...]

Click on "Area Focus Testing" and choose the mines. You will be automatically teleported to the new area and your level will be adjusted accordingly (you will have to re-allocate your attributes/skill points at the nearest shrine).

And that's already all for this quick update. Hope you'll enjoy testing the new area. See you in Lysandria!

Best Wishes,